Vic’s Easter ‘Eggs-Creme’  My take on creme egg. My mum and Dave did the taste…

🐣 Vic’s Easter ‘Eggs-Creme’ 🐣
My take on @Cadburys creme egg. My mum and Dave did the taste test last night and they said they were ‘eggcellent’🤣🤣. Joking aside, they loved them.

They’re very rich and creamy with a lusciously lemony, tangy ‘yolk’.  I honestly couldn’t eat a whole one, so let’s just say they’re share eggs, unless you have a very sweet tooth.
l love seeing your own creations 🥰 so please tag me and share photos with me.

What you need to make the egg shell.
🔸️I used 14g or 4 squares @equalaustralia dark chocolate no sugar (available at countdown NZ). In Australia you could use the Coles no added sugar dark chocolate. 2 sp for 4 squares which is 20g. The rest of the world use what’s available for you 😊
🔶️ If you don’t have Easter egg moulds simply buy ready made eggs.  Watch out for the weight of them and the number of serves per half chocolate egg😉

🔸️½ cup / 125g light cottage cheese, processed with 🔸️1 tbsp of substitute sugar. I use @medowfreshnz cheese (Check the smart points accordingly for the brands you use, please. They can vary so much) and @sukrinau sweetener (or sweetener of choice) and processed using my Nutribullet. 
🔸️1 tbsp of or store bought. I added a few drops of yellow food colouring for that ‘yolky’ effect.

What to do.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat until fully melted. Carefully pour into Easter egg moulds, making sure there are no gaps. Refrigerate until set.
Add the processed cottage cheese with the lemon curd in the centre.
Mine is displayed on edible grass bought from @Amazon (Tastes like apples 🍏) and mini chocolate eggs.

💚5 💙5 💜3 smart points 

You’re Welcome! Enjoy 😊

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