Vegan Air Fried French Toast⁣ Good morning everyone and happy Monday!! I had a v…

✨Vegan Air Fried French Toast✨⁣
Good morning everyone and happy Monday!! I had a very productive weekend and I have a big to-do list for today to finish prepping for the week ahead. Today, I’m actually going to be meal prepping for the rest of the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!) because I want to try it out and I think it will be very helpful to be able to grab my meals and not have to worry about cooking while I get used to hybrid teaching. I’ll definitely share meal prep updates on my stories throughout the day!⁣
Today’s recipe is delicious and easy! I saw this recipe last week when I was scrolling through my feed and I saved it, went back to the post and made it a few days ago, but when I went to try and find it today, it was gone. I’m not sure if I unsaved the post or if the person deleted it, so I’m sorry that I don’t have anyone to give credit to!! I wish I could remember! ⁣
Anyways, I love that this french toast is made in the air fryer because it makes life a bit easier. I will say that I did have a few issues with the bottom of the bread sticking, even though the basket was well-oiled, but it wasn’t that bad and I don’t mind that the bottom of the bread is missing a few pieces. That may have only been an issue because I used softer and thinner bread, since that’s all I had.⁣

-Mash one banana into a shallow bowl and mix in 1 cup oat milk & about a tablespoon of cinnamon⁣
-Dunk both sides of bread of choice in the mixture (make sure it’s well coated)⁣
-Air fry the bread at 400 degrees F for 8-9 minutes (could take more or less time, depending on your air fryer and how toasted you want it)⁣
-Take out, add toppings (I went with drizzles of peanut butter and raspberry jam), and enjoy!⁣

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