Sunday, reset day for me . Back in my kitchen after a whole week. I’m so very ha…

Sunday, reset day for me 😉. Back in my kitchen after a whole week. I’m so very happy 🥰.

Kicking off with this easy peasy breakfast. Inspired by my lovely friend @mybizzykitchen

♡ PB2 Banana Porridge ♡

 💜 1 💚 5 💙 4

What you need.
🔸️⅓ cup rolled oats. @harrawaysnz
🔸️¼ cup (80g) 99% fat free yoghurt. @cyclops_yoghurt
🔸️1 tbsp sugar free maple syrup. To taste. @queenfinefoods
🔸️2 tbsp dry PB2 powdered peanut butter.
🔸️¼ cup of water.
🔸️1 tbsp psyllium husks for fibre 😉
🔸️I over ripe banana. I always have some frozen in their skins and microwave them for about 60-90 seconds, then simply squeeze them out 🔶️

Optional extra toppings. Don’t forget to add the smart points accordingly 😉
🔸️Edible flowers.
🔸️¼ tsp poppy seeds. For added calcium, iron, magnesium. 
🔸️¼ tsp hemp seeds. For extra protein and fibre.
🔸️1 tsp pumpkin seeds. For a little added protein.
🔸️1 tsp PB2 mixed with water to form a drizzle consistency. @pb2foods

What to do.
Simply mix everything together except the toppings, microwave for 1 minute, stir, microwave for another minute, add toppings and serve.
I also added ½ a packet of *WW chocolate coated malt balls 1 extra *gifted 🙏

You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊

Thanks for the support ‘Vic’s Bowl’s fans’ you keep me sparkling 💖