How cute are these! Kinda looks like a bunny, don’t you think?     ♡Vic’s Chees…

How cute are these! Kinda looks like a bunny, don’t you think? 🤭 
♡Vic’s Cheesecake Jars♡ The kids will love making these too! These will take you only 10 minutes
This week’s flavour is Banana and Mango Serves 4.
💜 ZERO 💚 5  💙 3 for each jar.
🔸️1 cup of oats. I use @harrawaysnz wholegrain. I find these more flavoursome for this recipe. You can use any you have on hand.
🔸️5-6 medjool dates pitted. Alternatively you can use sugar free maple syrup, enough until it comes away from the sides when processed. Please note it will have a slightly different texture and taste. 
🔸️1 tbsp of warm water.
 Cheesecake layer.
🔸️2 cups / 500g light cottage cheese (I use @meadowfreshnz ) processed with 🔸️1 tbsp of sugar free maple syrup (or sweetener of choice). 🔸️1 tsp vanilla essence. 🔸️1 large overripe banana. 
🔸️1 fresh mango cut into small cubes. You can used tinned mango, drained, discarding the juice.
🔸️1 cup of 99%fat free yoghurt.  @cyclops_yoghurt
🔸️2 small bananas cut into 4 for the bunny ears (optional) 
🔸️Sprinkle of desiccated coconut, amend the smart points accordingly. 
What to do.
Roughly process the oats and dates (I use my Nutribullet). Add the water until it combines. Divide into the bottom of 4 glass jars (roughly 300mls 1½ cup capacity, I used Top with the cheesecake layer, then mango and yoghurt. 
Finish with banana bunny ears and coconut flakes, if using, then tightly seal. 
Refrigerate for 4-5 days.
You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊
Thanks for the support ‘Vic’s Bowl’s fans’ you keep me sparkling 💖