Hello my lovelies. This is basically a large for lunches. A savoury version …

Hello my lovelies🌞. This is basically a large for lunches.
A savoury version of my Berrylicious Porridge Bread 😊 It’s delicious straight from the oven warm or toasted, but equally as good cold spread with cream cheese
Get the kids involved making this one. I’m sure the ‘little cooks’ would have fun making this simple recipe!
 🥕Savoury Carrot Porridge Bread🥕 Serves 8.
💜ZERO 💙2  💚4 smart points per slice.
Don’t forget to share your own photos and creations with me please. I love seeing them all🥰
What you need.
🔸️2 cups 200g @harrawaysnz rolled oats.
🔸️300g  99% fat free Greek yoghurt. I used @cyclops_yoghurt
🔸️1 medium carrot grated. I used @ww_aunz mini food processor to finely chop mine, perfect! And so easy to clean. 
🔸️1 medium egg.
🔸️2 tsp baking powder. 
🔸️¼ tsp hot mustard powder.
🔸️1 tsp sugar free maple syrup*
🔸️Seasoning to taste. I recommend using ½ tsp lemon pepper and ¼ tsp garlic salt.
Toppings (optional).  Add the extra smart points. I used a sprinkle of poppy seeds*, chia seeds*, pumpkin seeds, oats 
What to do.
Preheat your oven to 200°. Combine all the ingredients together except the toppings. Place into your sprayed loaf baking pan (I used @ww_aunz silicone loaf pan, perfect every time). 
Add your toppings if using. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Time may vary. It’s ready when a skewer comes out clean. 
You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊
Thanks for the support ‘Vic’s Bowl’s fans’ you keep me sparkling💖
 *kindly gifted thank you @freshlifefood @sukrinaus