Happy Cherry season is over here in New Zealand , so I’m pleased I got  to make…

Happy Cherry season is over here in New Zealand 😔, so I’m pleased I got  to make these delightful treats in time.

Vic’s Cherry Coconut Muffins 🍒🥥
serves 8.
💜 3 💚 5 💙 4 each.

It’s not I’m still creating delicious easy sweet treats for us all to keep on track.
Juicy sweet cherries with a hint of tropical coconut.  Your tastebuds will do a little dance💃

What you need.
🔸️1 cup of rolled oats. @harrawaysnz
🔸️¼ cup of substitute sugar. @sukrinusa
🔸️3 eggs.
🔸️150g 99% fat free yoghurt. I used @cyclops_yoghurt
🔸️2 tbsp coconut chips @freshlifefood I use these because they’re lower in sp, feel free to use desiccated coconut but amend points accordingly. 

What you need for the filling.
🔸️2-3 fresh (pitted) or frozen cherries for each muffin. @countdown_nz

What to do.
Preheat the oven to 180° fan. Mix all the ingredients (except the filling) together to form a batter.  Pour into muffin pans. I used my mini loaf pans from @kmart.nz
@Place cherries into the centre of each muffin, pressing down slightly. Bake for 20-25 minutes. The muffins are ready when they’re golden and a skewer comes out clean.

You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊

Thank you for supporting me ‘Vic’s Bowl’s fans’ you keep me sparkling💖

Share a photo with me when you make them please and tag  love seeing your own creations 🥰