H e l l o  l o v e l i e s  ♡ Welcome to the newbies! A small introduction about…

H e l l o  l o v e l i e s  ♡ Welcome to the newbies!
A small introduction about me. I’m 49 at the end of this month. I’ve lost 53kg, I’m a lifetime member and a WW ambassador. I’ve been at my goal for 4 years and a member for 20 years on and off. I’ve lived in New Zealand for 18 years but I’m originally from North Yorkshire in the UK. My love for cooking began at the age of 15, experimenting in our ‘country pub’ where I grew up.

I enjoy creating new and diverse recipes, especially using magical chickpeas, they’re so versatile – and include cakes, bread, pies, muffins, crispy crackers and even pastry. 
Lemon, ginger, almond, coconut, caramel and chocolate are my favourite sweet flavours. Making granola, slices and no-bake cheesecake jars and traditional ones too.
My Slow cooker (magic pot as I call it) is my best friend for making curries and Asian inspired easy peasy meals.

My favourite way to keep active: Walking (Oliver our Mini Schnauzer puppy 💙 in the photo! ) zumba, yoga and I recently started hula hooping. 

You’ll like following me if… You like easy to follow healthy recipes the whole family (including the kids) can make and enjoy. I’ve made many  recipes that are delicious and which include sweet and savoury muffins.

Thanks for the support ‘Vic’s Bowls fans’  you keep me sparkling 💖