H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘S. D A Y  1  3  4   O H H H – L a – La bedaz…

❤ H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘S. D A Y ❤ 💜 1 💙 3 💚 4  

O H H H – L a – La bedazzle your Valentine’s with…….
♡ Vic’s Cherry Almond Tart🍒 (one serve) A heavenly combination, your loved ones will be captive with 🥰

BTW this is my new favourite 🤭

For the base .
🔸️22g rolled oats. @harrawaysnz
🔸️3-4 medjool dates. Pitted.
🔸️1 tsp cocoa powder.

For filling 
🔸️8-10 fresh pitted cherries or frozen (defrosted) cut in half.
🔸️13g dry semolina.
🔸️2 tsp substitute sugar. I used @sukrinusa
🔸️¼ tsp almond essence.
🔸️50g 99% fat free yoghurt. I used @cyclops_yoghurt Or your favourite dairy free yoghurt to make it vegan.

What to do.
Preheat the air-fryer 180° (this will work in a conventional oven too, same temperature, cooking time may vary though). 

In a small bowl combine the oats, cocoa and dates; squeezing together to form a dough. Add 1 tsp of warm water if you need too. I used my hands to do this. 

Line a 180g tin or ramekin with one strip of grease-proof paper over lapped, so you can lift the tart out easily. Firmly press the base mixture in the bottom and place the cherries on top.

Whisk the filling mixture together until well combined and gently pour over the cherries and base. Bake  for 15-20 minutes – time may vary. Leave to cool slightly in the tin before carefully lifting out.

You’re Welcome! Enjoy 😊

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