G o o d m o r n i n g l o v e l i e s Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable weeken…

G o o d m o r n i n g l o v e l i e s Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable weekend 😊 Last one before the Christmas fun start🎄🧑‍🎄🤶🎅 my favourite time of the year!

♡Vic’s Bounty Muffins♡
serves 6.
3 💚 2 💙 2 💜

Fudgy chocolate brownies, topped with a layer of sweetened coconut and drizzled with my chocolate sauce. Tropical paradise in every bite.

What you need for the muffin 👇

🔸️1 cup of All Bran (60g).
🔸️26g avalanche SF drinking chocolate.
🔸️2 Weet-Bix.
🔸️1 heaped tbsp of substitute sugar.
🔸️1 medium egg.
🔸️2 tsp of cocoa powder. 

For the toppings 👇

🔸️16g coconut chips. I use these because they’re lower in sp, feel free to use desiccated coconut but amend accordingly. mixed with 🔸️1 tbsp sugar free maple syrup. 

What to do👇

Prepare your silicone muffin pans. I don’t spray mine because they never stick 😉

In a medium bowl pour 250mls of boiling water over all of the dry ingredients. Let it soak through for a couple of minutes. Add the egg and beat the mixture until it forms a batter. 

🔶️ALWAYS taste test the batter to make sure it’s sweet enough for you 🔶️

Pour into a silicone muffin pan. Divide the coconut mixture equally on top of the batter.

Microwave on high for 5-6 minutes. They’re ready when a skewer comes out clean. Alternatively you can bake at 180° for 20-25 minutes.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to drizzle over my chocolate sauce. Recipe here

You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊

Thanks for the support ‘Vic’s Bowls FANS’ you keep me sparkling. 

Tag me when you make them please or I love seeing your own creations 🥰