Earn Pocket Money From Givvy Social App | Download Now

Earn Pocket Money From Givvy Social App | Download Now

Hello! The side I am going to talk about today. It is a money making application. The name of this application is Givvy Social App. You can earn money by working on it. Search this application on Google. Then install the application on your mobile and start working.
But this side is very fun. It is very easy to earn money. You can easily earn money here without any effort. Like other people’s post. Or you can make money by posting your own post. No matter how many people come to it. You will get money for it. Here you get all the options. Check them all. Have to do

How to install in Mobile Givvy Social App


Open Google Chrome In mobile
Type in search bar ( QadeerMunir )
Click on First web site ( QadeerMunir.com )
Open Page Click On Search bar
Type: Givvy Social Name
Click Downlod
As soon as you install this application in mobile. You have to log in with your Google account.
It is very easy to create an account on this side. You are given a form. You have to fill it. Your name. Enter the username, country and currency and click Continue.

How to work on Givvy Social App ?

As soon as we open this application Givvy Social App.
You will find a lot of posts here.
You have to like the posts. If you like it, you will get coins.
On the upper side you will see a coin and next to it you will see a star sign.
You will get 40 stars daily.
You have to use these stars. There will be an asterisk at the bottom of the post. As soon as we click on it. The next post will be liked. In return you will get 35 coins.
This way you can like forty posts daily and collect coins.
You can put your post on it. As soon as someone likes your post. You will also get coins for this. Try to invite forty friends from this application. In one invite you will get ten thousand coins. This way you can collect as many coins as possible.

How to take a withdrawal Givvy Social App

It is very easy to get a withdrawal. You can withdraw your money in JazzCash and Easypaisa account. To do this, you first need to convert your coin into dollars.
To convert
click on convert button
put coin
then ok
When your coins are converted into dollars.
So you have to create your own account on Coinbase. If you do not know how to create this account, then watch any video on YouTube to create an account.
After that click on the withdrawal option. Below is to paste the link of coinbase account. Dollars are to be written. OK. Your money will be transferred to coinbase. After that you can take your dollars in Pakistani money from any seller.

Real or Fake
Now this application is real or fake. For this you can go to YouTube and check its review. And you can also check its rating from Google. It is still Real. And withdrawal is also giving. There is no guarantee afterwards. Satisfy yourself well, create an account on it and take advantage of this offer.

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