Deconstructed ‘Shepherd’s’ Pie⁣ Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good week s…

✨Deconstructed ‘Shepherd’s’ Pie✨⁣
Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good week so far! Last week was crazy busy for me with school, so I’m definitely grateful to have much less homework to do this week. The Bachelorette premiered last night and I’m just so happy to have more shows to watch after everything being so delayed. A lot of my favorite shows come back in the next few weeks and I literally cannot wait! Luckily, Big Brother is on tonight, so I have that to look forward to. The dinner I’m sharing today is very much a comfort meal that I love in fall&winter. Not going to lie, I usually use microwavable mashed potatoes to save time, but the ones I used to use have dairy in them so I just made my own lazy mashed potatoes. We don’t have a potato masher at my apartment, so I mashed with a wooden spoon and left the potatoes a bit chunkier. I also served the meal deconstructed, instead of layering, topping with cheese, and baking.⁣

-Meat/gravy mixture: Ground turkey, onions, garlic, flour, Worcestershire sauce, veggie broth, tomato paste, oregano, salt, pepper, peas, carrots, corn, and green beans⁣
-Potatoes: I washed and quartered some Yukon Gold potatoes and stuck them in boiling water with the skin still on. Once they were soft, I drained the water and added @earthbalance soy-free vegan butter, a splash of @silk oat milk, salt, garlic powder, and parsley flakes and mashed with a wooden spoon until I liked the consistency⁣

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