As promised! Vic’s Pumpkin Pie  Single serve. 1  3  4 This is kind of based …

As promised! 🎃Vic’s Pumpkin Pie 🎃 Single serve. 💜 1 💙 3 💚 4

This is kind of based on my ‘Pumpkin Spice Slice’ I fancied a piece and didn’t want to make the whole thing. It’s also a request from a very special friend @woolly1_ww who’s never tried pumpkin pie!! What?? This definitely has all the flavours without the guilt 😇 100% friendly!

For the base 👇

🔸️22g rolled oats.
🔸️3 medjool dates. Pitted.

For filling 👇

🔸️80g pumpkin puree, I make my own.
🔸️13g dry semolina.
🔸️ 4 tsp sugar free maple syrup.
🔸️1 tsp pumpkin spice. My recipe is here
🔸️½ tsp ground ginger.
🔸️30g 99% fat free yoghurt. Or your favourite dairy free yoghurt to make it vegan.

What to do👇

Preheat air-fryer 170° (this will work in a conventional oven too, cooking time may vary)

In a small bowl combine the oats and dates together, like a dough. I used my hands to do this. 

Line a 180g tuna tin or ramekin with one strip of grease-proof paper over lapped, so you can lift the pie out easily. Firmly press the base mixture in the  bottom. 

Whisk the filling mixture together. Gently pour over the base, bake for 15-20 minutes time’s may vary. 

You’re Welcome! Enjoy 😊

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