♡ VIC’S CHERRY CHOCOLATE CAULI OATS   Serves 4. It’s a sneaky way of getting …


It’s a sneaky way of getting veg into your sweet chocolate fruity breakfast 😉

Trust me you CANNOT taste the cauliflower. Dave tried it and didn’t even know! Shhhh don’t tell him 🤫🤭
What you need.
🔸️1 cup of @harrawaysnz rolled oats.
🔸️1 cup of riced cauliflower, raw. You can buy it already riced like this, fresh or frozen, or use a grater or food processor to make your own. I used frozen slightly defrosted.
🔸️100g 99% fat free Greek style yoghurt.  @cyclops_yoghurt
🔸️2 tbsp of cocoa.
🔸️¼ cup sugar free maple syrup*. Add more if you like it sweeter. 
🔸️1 cup of frozen cherries (no need to defrost them) or fresh.
🔸️1 cup of milk. I use unsweetened almond milk @sogoodnz
🔸️1 tbsp chia seeds.
Toppings (optional). Chocolate sauce. My recipe is here Add a dusting of cocoa and some edible flowers and a spoonful of yoghurt.
What to do .
Simply mix everything together and refrigerate in glass jars or an airtight container overnight.

You’re Welcome! ENJOY 😊

Use the @ww_aunz ‘recipe builder’ for the accurate smart points for your plan 💜💚💙
Keep sparkling ‘Vic’s Bowls’ friends’ 💖 
*Kindly gifted, thank you @sukrinaus